• Trilix's Super Poll - Vote and Win Tix to Iowa Speedway and Jethro's

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    Our last look shows VW kickin' @$$. Vote for your fave at www.SuperPollIowa.com and you could win grub from Jethro's BBQ and tickets to the Iowa Speedway. If they'd just throw in a case of PBR and some cut-off jean shorts, you'd have a full-fledged redneck weekend!

  • Chime in on Your Thoughts of Super Bowl Commercials

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    It was a late night of beer swiggin', chip dippin' and commercial watchin' We'll be in recovery mode much of the day, but thought we'd let our brave readers chime in with your opinions.

    What did the Iowa creative community think of the Super Bowl spots? Great or lame? Any faves? Any that moved the needle for you?

    Here is the full collection in case you need to refresh your memory.

    Whatchu think?

  • Chevy Camaro Super Bowl Spot

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    Ever wanted to know what the conversation sounded like among creatives planning a Super Bowl commercial? Here it is:


  • E*Trade Baby Spot "Outtakes"

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  • Who You Know in Beantown?

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    We're looking for a new editor to run The Boston Egotist site. Our current editor is moving out of the area and will no longer be with us. Responsibilities include finding and posting great content.

    If you, or someone you know, would be a great fit, send them our way. For more information and to apply, check this.

  • We Want YOU!

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    This site (and the Iowa creative community) would sure suck a lot less if you would share! We're getting close to 200 unique visitors to the site every day now - mostly Iowa creatives. We're sure you like to see some of the great creative coming out of big shops in NY, LA, SF, Portland, etc ... but it's more interesting hearing about the local work, buzz, news and rumors. We've made it really easy to share ... and we're posting just about every local thing submitted right now - so get your PR mojo working and send us something about your company, your agency, your people, your work, whatever. Here, we'll even make it easy - so you don't even need to move your cursor to the top right of the page: www.thedesmoinesegotist.com/submit

  • Volkswagon Say "May the Force Be With You"

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    Admit it, you were once that kid too. Nice intro spot from Volkswagon.

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