• WTF is @picmystick?

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    Here you go, guys. You're lucky this is the stick we decided to show you.

  • The folks at @createwow ask: Can you name one local brand?

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    Last week we hit the streets with our office Ron Burgundy. We wanted to know a few simple things from the people of Des Moines. We were on a mission to find out what would happen if we asked people simple questions about branding and marketing. We wanted to know the true thoughts and feelings of other members of our great city.

    Could they name a local brand(s)?
    What was the biggest brand they could think of
    Are there any brands they associate with?
    What makes them say WOW?


    They couldn’t think of any of them. Apart from the dozen or so large brands, there are another dozen plus that easily come to our minds.

    How many marketing agencies are there in Des Moines anyway? Seems like a lot of them are not doing a great job, but that’s just our opinion.


  • No sh*t Sherlock: marketing messages can make veggies more appealing to kids

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    Via The Des Moines Register:

    Technology can be used to positively influence children’s eating habits, according to new research by two Iowa State University professors.

    Laura Smarandescu, an assistant professor of marketing, and Brian Mennecke, an associate professor of information systems, tested the theory earlier this month at a YMCA of Greater Des Moines camp in Boone.

    The researchers found that when a digital display featuring a rotating image of a salad was shown in the camp’s cafeteria, salad consumption among kids increased as much as 90 percent.

    Boys, in particular, were more likely to load up on veggies.

    Iowa State researchers believe digital displays could encourage students to make better food choices during the school year.

  • RAGBRAI starts Monday

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  • Via @DMRegister: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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    Could be this man is worried about his portfolio, or developments in a new farm bill, or maybe he's just super in need of a pizza right now.

  • Via @DMRegister: Iowa City, Ames rank among top five “brainiest” U.S. metros

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    This according to author and researcher Richard Florida.

    The ranking, based on data from 2.4 million users of the online brain-performance program, Lumosity, looks at five key cognitive areas: memory, processing speed, flexibility, attention, and problem solving.

    The top five brainiest core-based statistical areas — out of 478 — were: Ithaca, N.Y., first place, followed by State College, Penn.; Lafayette-West Lafayette, Ind., is in third place; Iowa City, is fourth, and Ames, fifth.

    Read more on dmregister.com.

  • @SteveKingIA hits The Colbert Report again -- for vote on chicken cages

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    Iowa congressman and "man trying to forget what he buried in that cornfield" Steve King caught 5 minutes on the June 20 episode of The Colbert Report, for opposing a California bill requiring all eggs sold in the state to have come from hens with cages at least 200 square inches in size.

    "It was a mistake for CA to do what it did. We cannot impose that mistake on the rest of America," said King in a statement.

    Stephen Colbert chimed in on TCR, "Where are farmers in Iowa supposed to fit these larger cages? Iowa is already filled to the brim with nothing!"

  • Are your sites secure? The City of Waukee's home page hacked

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    According to the Register, the City of Waukee saw its site brought down by unauthorized access this week. Like the websites of many municipalities (and organizations and small businesses), Waukee's site was nearly 5 years old. We venture to guess its code hadn't been revisited with new security updates since the day that baby was launched.

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