• The Old Des Moines Egotist is Dead.

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    They're not actually dead (to the best of our knowledge), but the site is under new ownership. For the past week we have been getting our bearings and seeing just what we are working with here. It's not much yet, but we are optimistic. Let us also say that we are honored to be your new egotist.

    Our goal with the rebirth of the site is to feature you. We feel that a blog about local creativity should feature, you know, local creativity. There are some great agencies here and we think your work should be shown off here. We will do our best to find you work but feel free to reach out and submit stuff. The only reason you shouldn't be submitting is if you are ashamed of your work-- and that's a bigger problem than our little site can fix.

    So tell us how we're doing, send in your stuff, and lets show everyone how great our creative community can be.

  • Netflix Spins Off DVD by Mail Biz, Starts Qwikster

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    Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, made an interesting blog post last night. Apparently the price change they announced this summer isn't going over well, so DVD and streaming are splitting up. Streaming will stay under the Netflix name but DVDs by mail will now be through Qwikster.com. They are two completely different services and the sites WILL NOT be linked. This means movie ratings and personal info are going to have to be changed twice if you subscribe to both services.

    The news is not going over all too well with commentators on the post. We can't say we're thrilled either but only time will tell if this is the correct choice. What do you all think?

  • Start Your Weekend With Some Happiness

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    This 7 minute epic is a revival of Coke's "Happiness Factory" series. It's a joy to watch and a joy to listen to. It has wiggled its way into our cold egotistical hearts. We're taking off for the weekend but figured we'd throw this your way. Be back next week with more local ad goodness and an announcement. Enjoy. (via)

    From W+K Amsterdam, Psyop and Human.

  • More Kayak Work from BFG 9000

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    This took some major engineering skill to pull off. Consider us fans. (via.)

  • MidCoast Road Rally Poster by Measured Intentions

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    Earlier today our friend Jason over at Measured Intentions tweeted out poster that we think is totally slick. We decided to post it just in case you missed it earlier. There is some really cool print work going on in DSM right now.

  • Event: Lebowskifest Art Show @ Finders Creepers

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    Attention all Dude fans, Finders Creepers is hosting Lebowskifest tomorrow night (Sept 16th) from 7-11. It's a night full of Lebowski themed art, movie watching, and, we hear, gallons of White Russian. They're also giving a prize for best costume (we're going as a collective of rugs) so make sure to dress up.

    Sounds like a pretty great time to us. If you're interested hit the Facebook event page for more info or show up at 515 18th Street tomorrow. The Egotist Abides.

  • Harley Should Fire V&S

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    and hire whoever made this.

    Better in tone, feel and energy than the crowdsourced spots coming out of Boulder. The new V&S spot "unchained" is included after the break just in case you really want to watch it. (via)

  • Des Moines Social Club poster by @BasemintDesign

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    We would like to see a lot more local work like this. Great job, Basemint.

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