Local Ad Suckage: Iowa Diamond Radio Spots

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Someone tell Chuck Kuba we had more than one friend of The Des Moines Egotist ranting about the suckage he's putting out on the radio airwaves. They tell us there's even a Facebook page dedicated to Iowa Diamond's lame radio advertising.

In our quest to rid Iowa of advertising suckage, we thought we'd pass along this note from our friends.

You can listen to the spots here.

You can nominate other local ad suckage via email (desmoines@theegotist.com), Twitter or on our forum.


I HATE Chuck Kuba's commercials! his voice...his none pertinent stories. change the channel already!

Hey Garden, you aren't the only one who ripped their campaign a new hole. We will say, however, that it definitely separates them from all the other nameless jewelry companies with a dramatic needle drop behind sparkly diamonds on turntables and lovers caught in an embrace!

change will come

The only thing that could possibly make these commercials worse would be adding his nasal, whining, condescneding wife. Oh wait......he already did. I have to change the channel immediately when these morons come on. I will NEVER buy jewelry from Iowa Diamond simply based on the fact that I hate their commercials.

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