Google Think Quarterly Changes the Way You Think About Print

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Earlier this week, Google sent out the second edition of its new magazine, Think Quarterly. The publication exists mostly as an e-zine for anyone who wants to read the latest on tech and, in the case of this edition, innovation. But Google also sent out a print version to 1,750 business leaders, says Inc.

Susan Wojcicki, Senior Vice President of Advertising, says Think Quarterly is, “intended to be a snapshot of what Google and other industry leaders are thinking about and inspired by today.”

Both online and in print, the publication features clean, colorful layouts as we have come to expect from Google. But the print version is no normal magazine, fit for lining hamster cages when you’re done reading. More like a children’s book for business execs, Think Quarterly makes paper interactive. In a Q&A with AdWeek, Google’s head of global ad marketing Lisa Gevelber reveals that one page responds to body heat (mood ring style). Plus, Think Quarterly’s cover is magnetized and comes with magnetic words so each person can fill in the blank after, “Innovation is…”

With Think Quarterly, Google shows that not only do they do great work, but they also take time to inspire the world to do the same. The exclusive print edition is an intimate reach into the top-level of business and media. It says, “We are giant, and we still value you. Share our thoughts; join our circle.”

British agency The Church of London showcases the initial print publication via video:



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